Leeders Law charges an fair fee for it’s bankruptcy cases.  We always offer free strategy sessions to consumers to see if you have a case, learn your options and learn about us too.   We will analyze your case and give you answers and lay out your options available to you.   We will provide you with a free quote for our attorneys fees to file and manage your bankruptcy case.   We offer competitive fees for our services.  We offer extremely flexible, and customizable payment plans based on your situation.  We will not turn you away because of your ability to pay.  We can file the case when you are ready! Same day, week or month.

How can we can keep our costs reasonable?   We do not have to pay for expensive TV and billboard advertising.  We understand that money is tight,  and understand it is why you are seeking bankruptcy in the first place.   You can start you bankruptcy case with us for a small retainer fee, usually just $150.   You can afford to file bankruptcy, we’ll work with you to get you out of debt.