Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt consolidation and repayment plan to get out of debt.

It is an effective tool for those who may not qualify for Chapter 7.  Chapter 13 is a debt consolidation and repayment program which is supervised by the bankruptcy court and a trustee.  In a nutshell, you pay a court appointed trustee a monthly payment and the trustee will divide the payments between your creditors.  Your monthly payment is the amount you have left at the end of the month, after you pay for all of your normal monthly necessities.  These payments can be spread out over the next three to five years, which makes it a lot easier to manage.

Foreclosure is one of the leading reasons to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The lawyers at Leeders Law have stopped hundreds of foreclosures for their clients.  Our clients fell behind on their payments due to illness, temporary loss of a job or other income and divorce just to name a few.  Often, these mortgage companies do not care why you are falling behind, how many mouths you have to feed or that you have any other bills.  They just want your money.  Our clients just needed time to get back on their feet, but the banks were relentless and filed for foreclosure.  With a little work and guidance, these individuals were able to overcome these adversities and filed a Chapter 13 with Leeders Law.  We filed bankruptcy plans designed to help them catch up on their mortgage payments over a three year period, which kept the roof over their heads, food on the table and hope in their hearts.  We bought them the time that they needed to save their homes. Call us today for a free consultation.

The attorneys at Leeders Law are aggressive, and have successfully represented Chapter 13 clients who were able to discharge their debts by having to pay as low as only ten cents on every dollar of debt they had, often with no interest!!  This can save you thousands and thousands of dollars every year.  This money is better used for your children’s education, for the down payment of a home, or for your retirement.

There are many benefits of filing Chapter 13:

  • Stop foreclosure
  • Stop repossession (sometimes even get your car back!)
  • ‘Cram-down’ the amount owed on your car if you owe more than the car is worth
  • Lower your interest rate that you are paying on your car, furniture, appliances and other big ticket items
  • Ability to pay back a percentage of the total det on your credit cards, loans and medical bills a (anywhere from 10% to 100% and often with no interest) based on how much money you have left over at the end of the month
  • Deduct your payment directly from your paycheck to avoid having to send money orders every month
  • Stop creditors from suing you
  • Stop the freeze on your bank account
  • Stop utility shut off and can re-establish service
  • Stop the suspension of your driver’s license for unpaid tickets or accident claims
  • Discharge hundreds and thousands of dollars of debt
  • Discharge certain tax liability
  • Remove judicial liens and tax liens on your home
  • Discharge your obligation for any cosigned debt
  • Discharge certain over-payments of government debts, like unemployment and public aid

When you hire an attorney at Leeders Law, we do more than just file your case and wish you the best.  We sit down with you one on one to assess your financial situation.  We will educate you on the bankruptcy process; teach you all of the steps involved and provide you with guidance on how to complete your case successfully.  We work with you for the duration of the case should you have a change of circumstances down the line.  We can even help sell or refinance your home should you desire to during your case.  It is important to have an attorney who will be there for you, especially when the chips are down.  We are aggressive, there by getting you the relief you need, yet compassionate to your needs since this is often a very trying and stressful time for you and your family.  Leeders Law offers quality legal services with that one on one personal service you deserve. Call Leeders Law today.