Tax refunds in Illinois bankruptcy cases

As 2010 winds to a close, we hope you are enjoying your holiday season and we wish you the best for the New Year. Tax refund time will be approaching soon, so this post includes a few tips to help your bankruptcy case go smoothly in the new year. When it comes time to meet with the bankruptcy trustee after we file your case, they will ask you about your tax refund. Here are some general tax refund tips to help you most debtors avoid any problems when they file the case:


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Subject: What does reach back mean?

Question: I was doing fine financially until I went to commission sales. I kept thinking I was going to make a lot more money than I did. In June 07 I took a cash transfer from my bank credit card to my checking (they offered...

Tax refunds and bankruptcy

I have received several emails from clients filing for Chapter 7 that are concerned about their tax refunds, and whether the chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee will want to take it or not.

While the tax refund is an asset, you should schedule the estimated amount in the case.
Your lawyer will then exempt what they can to protect as much as possible.
In Illinois, you have a $4000 wildcard per debtor to use towards cash, bank accounts, personal household goods and tax refunds. Your Illinois...