Chicago Bankruptcy – O is for One on One Personal Service

At Leeders & Associates, we treat each client with respect, and customize each case to each individuals needs.   We are not a large bankruptcy mill, with hundreds of staff helping you….we offer a more personalized experience.   We know our clients by name, not by an account number or their bankruptcy case number.

Attorney Terry Leeders files every bankruptcy case, so he has intimate knowledge of every case.   He reviews each case for accuracy, then runs them through a review process to catch any issues that may be red flags for the bankruptcy trustee.   His 14 years of exclusive bankruptcy experience with chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases allows Mr. Leeders to provide accurate and cutting edge advice

Attorney Mark Lubus joined Leeders & Associates in 2012, and has brings a fresh approach to the table.   Mark has handled hundreds of cases, and took over the court call shortly after joining the firm.   Mark’s greatest trait is listening.   He shows patience and compassion to each client.   He understands bankruptcy is the end result of an often difficult and trying time for our clients, and lends an ear while providing valuable guidance throughout  the bankruptcy process.

Sean Leeders is the head law clerk for the firm.  He is often the first contact clients have with the firm.  Sean has been working in the bankruptcy business for over 7 years.  He’s heard the stories, he’s heard the solutions, he knows the results.  Sean helps facilitate the case for each client, helping them get the required documents, helps prepare most cases for filing, and also helps finding other ways the firm can assist our clients who are in need.   He can help arrange a debtor to get a better deal on their car, or to get one after the case.  He helps clients identify causes of action they may have, whether it be personal injury claims to bring, wrongful termination matters, or family law case assistance.

Our close knit team works together to get you the best results possible.  We are always available for our clients needs. If you need assistance with debt, just reach out to us.  312-427-7400 or  We offer free phone and office consultations, and we give you the one on one personal service you deserve.

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