Continuing bankruptcy education this Fall at the American Bankruptcy Institute Chicago Consumer Conference

This fall, local bankruptcy attorney Terry Leeders will be attending this years American Bankruptcy Institute‘s 7th Annual Chicago Consumer Bankruptcy Conference.

Sessions will include discussion on the proposed National Chapter 13 plan, the best practices in client advocacy, evidentiary hearings, social media to name a few.  This continuing legal educational conference is focused entirely to consumer bankruptcy professionals -debtor attorneys, creditor attorneys, judges, and bankruptcy trustees who will put on presentations and lead discussions on hot bankruptcy topics for the debtors’ and creditors’ bankruptcy practice.

 Distinguished Faculty members who will provide valuable insight include:

  • Bankruptcy Judge Janet S. Baer 
  • Bankruptcy Judge Donald R. Cassling 
  • Bankruptcy Judge Catherine J. Furay 
  • Bankruptcy Judge Thomas M. Lynch 
  • Bankruptcy Judge Eugene R. Wedoff 

Numerous local creditor and debtor attorneys will share their viewpoints and experience, as will local Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Trustees and staff attorneys, the United States Trustee office, as well as the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission. 

Here are the scheduled topics for discussion:

  • Timing of Credit counseling received on the petition date: the requirements of section 109(h)(1). 
  • Potential Student loan dischargeability in bankruptcy.
  • “Fee jumping” in chapter 13 cases. 
  • Collateral Disposition Issues Best Practices in Client Advocacy 
  • The Evidentiary Hearing: A Demonstrative Exhibit on Direct and Cross Examination, Foundation and Hearsay 
  • The Ethics of Social Media: How to Avoid Acting Like a Tweet — and Other Good Advice Your Mother Did Not Teach You

Looks to be quite informative and should be engaging as always. Look for followup posts after the conference.

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