Keeping a corporate credit card after bankruptcy?

Subject: Chapter 7 & Corporate Credit Card
Question: My husband and I are reviewing our options but need to find out if his corporate American Express card (which is paid in full each month) would be included in a discharge. The card is tied to his SS number, but is tied to his job. If this card were to be included, he would be unable to keep his job because he travels alot. How can we find out with 200% certainty that he could keep his card?
Answer: If there is a balance, then it would need to be included if he was the signer on the original application. If he is just an ‘authorized user’ on a corporate account, or if there is a zero balance, then it would not need to be listed. (if they send the bill to him, then it is his debt, and not an authorized user) Then, after bankruptcy, it will be up to the lender if they wish to let him keep the account, unfortunately, most do not, even with a zero balance, but check with AMEX to be sure.

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