Payday loans – stop wage assignments

Did you know that a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can stop a wage assignment?
Did you know that I, as your bankruptcy attorney can stop a wage assignment even without filing your case?
Credit unions, payday loans, and internet loans to name a few, often make debtors sign voluntary wage assignments so that they can take money from the consumers' paycheck in the event they fail to make the installment payments.

I can stop this!
It's true!

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G is for Garnishment

Many people file bankruptcy because a creditor has a garnishment.A garnishment is a court order to deduct a portion of a debtor's wages to pay a creditor who sued the debtor and obtained a judgment. Garnishments are stopped though the instant a bankruptcy case is filed, regardless if it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  In my Chicago bankruptcy law office, we send a fax notice to the creditor's attorney as to the payroll department or HR supervisor.Contrast this with a wage assignment....