G is for Garnishment

Many people file bankruptcy because a creditor has a garnishment.A garnishment is a court order to deduct a portion of a debtor's wages to pay a creditor who sued the debtor and obtained a judgment. Garnishments are stopped though the instant a bankruptcy case is filed, regardless if it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  In my Chicago bankruptcy law office, we send a fax notice to the creditor's attorney as to the payroll department or HR supervisor.Contrast this with a wage assignment....

Rapid Fire Q&A

Here are a sampling of questions I have been getting regarding bankruptcy an bankruptcy process. If you would like further bankruptcy information, please contact my law office.

If a Judgment was won against you for a security bond and you file bankruptcy with no real property or income, can that judgment be included in the bankruptcy?
I am not totally familiar with a 'security...