Rapid Fire Q&A

Here are a sampling of questions I have been getting regarding bankruptcy an bankruptcy process. If you would like further bankruptcy information, please contact my law office.

If a Judgment was won against you for a security bond and you file bankruptcy with no real property or income, can that judgment be included in the bankruptcy?
I am not totally familiar with a 'security...

Must I list all of my debts in bankruptcy?

Recently, I received an email asking about filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy The writer asks:

"Do I choose which debts I want to include in my bankruptcy or does the trustee do this? I have a bank loan for my truck which I pay on time and I want to keep my truck and keep making payments. Do I have to include this loan in my paperwork for a bankruptcy? What happens if I don't include it?"Answer: All debts must be listed in the bankruptcy petition. You can select to 'reaffirm' certain debts. ...