Deeds and Homeowner Association Fees – Bankruptcy Home Blog

Deeds and Homeowner Association Fees - Bankruptcy Home Blog

Interesting fact pattern here. The spin I see is that the debtor files bankruptcy and 'surrenders' the home.
Many mistakenly believe discharging the mortgage means the house is no longer theirs.  It still is, until the property is sold or goes thru foreclosure.   The HOA or condo assessments incurred from the date of bankruptcy until then, are the debtor's responsibility since they owned the property!

The rule is to...

Rapid Fire Q&A

Here are a sampling of questions I have been getting regarding bankruptcy an bankruptcy process. If you would like further bankruptcy information, please contact my law office.

If a Judgment was won against you for a security bond and you file bankruptcy with no real property or income, can that judgment be included in the bankruptcy?
I am not totally familiar with a 'security...

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Stop mortgage foreclosure
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Stop Foreclosure
Yes, you can save your home!

Using the chapter 13 can strategically help you cure your mortgage default, protect your equity and eliminate your other debts to help you right the...

Foreclosure and bankruptcy

My clients often call and ask me how long does a foreclosure take?
How much time do I have in my house?
Or how much time do I have to file Chapter 13 to stop the foreclosure?

Excellent questions. The generic answer is anywhere from 6-9 months from the time the foreclosure started. The party being foreclosed upon will get notices and timelines of events as they occur to get specific dates. The foreclosure attorney's office can also provide the dates to you...if they will even take your...