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As a bankruptcy attorney in Chicago, I see many different people come through my office. It amazes me on the amount of money people spend on a day to day basis. Routinely people put down that they spend $500 a month on food, then make a point of putting down $300 ‘dining out’ in addition!! My God! If people learn how to cook, they would save $300-500 a month. While I know that people like to go out with family and friends, but when did dining out turn from a ‘special treat’ to a ‘necessity’ ?

Same thing goes with gas and transportation expenses. It seems like some of my clients must drive around the neighborhood every day just to keep the car warm! If people realize what they are really spending on a day to day basis, I bet they would start making some changes to their lifestyles!

Thanks for listening.
Terrance Leeders
Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney

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