X is for ….X-ray Bankruptcy Chicago

X.  Not many words start with X, and even fewer are related to bankruptcy.
So, I’ll keep this bankruptcy post short.
Bankruptcy court is located in the federal building in Chicago, IL . 219 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60604 The Dirksen Federal Building.   Bankruptcy section 341 meetings are held here too in Chicago.

You have to put your belongings through an X-Ray machine to get into the building.   The metal detectors are sensitive too, so take off those belts, large watches, and put your keys, cell phones and other metal objects into the tray and send them into the X-Ray machine with your briefcase, purses, coats, backpacks etc.   Also have your photo Id out as well, they check that too when you pass through the metal detector.

Better yet, leave most of these things at home or in your car.

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