Chapter 7 bankruptcy can get your drivers license back if suspended for non-payment from an accident.

If your drivers license is suspended for non-payment of an accident claim, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can get your drivers license back. Once you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy (or even a chapter 13 bankruptcy) you can reinstate your drivers license. In most cases, you would need to show the DMV or Secretary of State the bankruptcy filing, along with the schedule listing the underlying debt for which the license was suspended listed on your bankruptcy creditor list. You will usually have to show them proof of insurance. Finally, there is usually a reinstatement fee. Check with your local agency before you go to be sure you have everything you need. You will need to get your discharge, or the license will re-suspend. Keep in mind, if there are other reasons for suspension, such as a DUI, or revoked license for traffic violations, you will need to resolve those matters separately, but the underlying hold from non-payment of the accident claim will lift the hold on your license.

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